How Does Duo Mode Help In Gaining League of Legends Ranks?

League of legends did away with the constraints on maximum attainable rank and it adds to the plethora of things that can be achieved in this multiplayer online video game. Moving on from the tutorial and playing against the AI, summoners move on to solo queuing and gathering champions but don’t you feel the missing need of a partner? You may not be able to achieve enough LP points to jump a rank or the opposite team maybe playing lol duo and their excellent co-ordination might have ensured your defeat. An excellent partner can help you glide through wins and duo queuing, therefore, forms an ideal choice to battle your way up the ladder.

Why should you seek a partner?

As you must already know, entering a promotion series makes it a lot more important to gather wins. Everyone continually aims to increase their ranking and it could be quite tiresome. You can continue playing solo but with frequent occurrences of smurfs or trolls, you just might not be able to get a higher badge. Hence, the need to find a stronger partner and playing lol duo during these critical moments is highlighted.

You may also play with a lower ranked partner and help him gain ranks while equipping yourself with all there is to gather. Growing together through lol duo is a common practice as two minds can develop more strategies; each individual will have a lesser area to focus upon and you can easily overpower the opponent as a combined MMR would pit you against a lower rank opponent.

What to look in a partner?

Obviously, the person should not be afk’ing during the game or rage quitting altogether. You need a summoner who must compliment your champions with his and should be able to coordinate efficiently. With diversity in champions, you can use the most appropriate ones in pursuance of your strategy. Also, it would be better if you pick up someone who has a higher rank and can hence, guide you and improve your gameplay and win rate.

lol duo is an ideal choice for improving account rankings and increasing MMR. It also helps gain more experience and you earn more LP and also gather more and more champions with their additional skills and other attributes. It is indeed a great way to bolster your account initially and then help you out with achieving higher ranks.